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Tom Sawyer (All-Action Classics, #2)

PDF I have not read the unabridged prose, the real book. I've been meaning to but somehow there are other books that look like more interesting. Also, my brothers read both "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" when we were young and I felt left out. So, I lost interest.

However, when I saw this "Tom Sawyer" in cool comics format being sold at P115 ($2.50), I bought it right away. I said, this could entice me to finally read the book. If not, it would surely give me an idea who Tom and Huck are so I would not be totally clueless when other authors make references to them.

After reading, I am still not sure. Based on this book, I love Huck more than Tom. I think Huck is more interesting because he is rambunctious, flighty and looks wilder than Tom. Typical all-fun American boy. However, my brother said to me thatThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer is a prerequisite of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Also, most of the best-novel lists have "Huckleberry" in them and no "Tom Sawyer."

This comic book is nice drawn. I guess the book was successful in depicting these Twain characters properly. This very abridged story revolves around Tom Sawyer who prefers to go fishing or swimming rather than attend school. His Aunt Polly is always nagging him for the that and all the dirt that he is bringing to the house. One day, he and Huckleberry Finn accidentally witness a crime and so they have to leave afloat their raft and sing songs while traversing the Mississippi River. I will not tell you the rest of the story because I don't want to spoil myself. Why myself? Kidding. I am sure most Americans know the rest of it.

What I liked about the story are the innocence of the boys - Tom, Huck and Jim - and also the time when life, even in America, was a lot simpler. When boys still dream of becoming robbers without moralists pushing an alarm and asking what is happening with our children and blaming the media, the church, the government or themselves.

Easy fun read. Recommended to people who love graphic novels.

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