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Knitting with Balls

PDF Har har, puns!Although the phallic image on this cover has to be the male equivalent of vagina dentata.Brrrr.

I feel two ways about this book.First, it's a good idea, and there are some cool patterns in here that are more masculine than you see in your typical knitting book.Most pattern books clearly live in active fear that you will fall into that tired sit-com stereotype and knit something awkward for your boyfriend.Look at these patterns, they say, they are 1920s themed or have kittens!Do not show them to a man, for their eyeballs will melt.

Anyway, this has some decent ideas.I really like the beer cozy idea, though I haven't made it yet:

ribbed beer cozy

I also like the Not-So-Rugged Scarf, but you will have to look at this book to see pictures of those because I can't find an open copy on the internets.Most of these patterns assume that any man who would use this book is more than 50% gay.And, fair.I made this manly scarf for my office-mate who is approximately 83% gay:

navy blue and grey blocked scarf

My only real issue with this book, other than the vests, is that the directions are not immensely clear, especially if you are a new knitter.They use a lot of abbreviations that did not seem to be well indexed in the back, and some stitches that were not explained in the front of the book.That seems like a bummer if this is supposed to be, as it is billed, "a hands-on guide."At least youtube can basically translate really clearly and easily any stitch you are confused about, but I did have to reference youtube a couple of times while making that scarf.Sometimes, I sadly wonder if knitting books are a little obsolete and blogs or aren't really the way to go for patterns.Merry Christmas, my 83% gay office mate!

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