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One Good Story, That One

PDF One Good Story, That One, Thomas King's fabulous collection of short fiction, focuses, like his novels, on contemporary First Peoples and their interactions with a sometimes hostile, often misguided, and always different white culture and society. "One Good Story, That One," the title tale in the collection, focuses on a Native elder's brilliant hoodwinking of gullible anthropologists into buying his authentically Native alternative version of the Judeo-Christian creation myth, which mixes the voice of traditional Native oral storytelling with the hijinks of "Ah-damn" and "Evening." These stories are King's riffs on everything from pop culture, Canadian history and First Peoples customs and traditions to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and trickster tales. King's delicate sense of irony mingles with a madcap sense of humour to concoct short stories that are as hilarious as they are provocative. One Good Story, That One is a waggish collection that makes you hungry for more books by this talented writer. —Jeffrey Canton

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