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Undercover Lovers

PDF I'm not a huge fan of anthologies, so I won't be writing a review, I'll just be jotting some quick notes for future reference.I don't think it's fair for me to criticize a book for disliking its very nature, when I knew going in what it was.So feel free to disregard this. :)

Consumed:I didn't like this story much.I liked the setup, but the dialogue and descriptions felt over the top and eye roll worthy.I also got tired of hearing about how lush the hero thought the heroine was.The repetition of it was killing me.1 Star

Conned:This one was actually pretty cute.The characters spoke and acted normally (thank God) and I really enjoyed watching the science experiment heat up.I wish more time was spent playing with the experiments/foreplay, but for the most part it was fun.4 Stars

Conquered:I found it absolutely hilarious (and cute) that the hero was undercover as a stripper, but he absolutely sucked at it.I also liked that he was inept as a PI and readily admitted that he needed to work at it to get better.The aphrodisiac storyline was weak, though.3 Stars

Convicted:I liked the setup of the story and thought there were quite a few funny lines in it.I found the heroine a little brash and grating at times, but I didn't mind her too much.I liked that the hero didn't get his feelings hurt when he found out the truth.3 Stars

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