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Fire Biker (Tom Swift IV, #9)

PDF Fire Biker had promise with two cool inventions: a fire suit, and a flying motorcycle, but the book went downhill from there.

It introduced a new character and then gave the readers POV into his life (a dead giveaway that this new character would be the book's villain) and then they started to categorize the new character as "off" and "unusual" because he liked comic books. Furthermore, the "villain" is a typical high-school shy nerd. It is just stereotypical and quite wrong, especially when the nerd tries to be a superhero and almost dies doing that. The kettle calls the pot black when this is done in teen sci-fi in which the main character himself is said to love sci-fi and to have shelves of such books in his lab.

Beyond that, a new detective is in town who is not only a complete imbecile but also entirely cliche, as are the bad guys who take down the nerd and actually start doing crime.

There are a few cool bits with Tom's robot Rob, who never gets enough book time, but other than that, this book makes you face palm the entire length of it, and it could have been much better, if say, Tom had decided to try to be a superhero and had screwed it up. Then you actually have a hero with flaws and Swift becomes much more interesting. But, what does one expect from early 90s teen sci-fi?

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