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The Elves and the Shoemaker

PDF This is a lovely, loving retelling of the Brothers Grimm story.LaMarche's illustrations glow with warmth, joy and detail.I love the happy, elderly shoemaker and his wife—they are just about the cutest old couple ever!And the elves are darling.I love the slightly wild aspect to them, and the little details (like the girl wearing a dress made from a coffee bean sack).There is a Christmas scene that could make this a nice tie-in for a holiday read, though it is not specifically a Christmas themed story. Also, there is a beautiful, sweet Siamese cat in many of the illustrations ;->

Spoilers: I do wish the elves had done a little something as a "thank you" at the end, rather than simply disappearing now that they had to cobble no more, but I think their kindness and generosity had already been shown and the couple got their reward in seeing the joy the elves had in receiving their new clothes.(I don't remember the original telling. Are the elves somehow indentured to make shoes?Maybe they are like the house elves in Harry Potter, free once they get new clothes?)

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