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Bruno Zupan

PDF The concept is as unique as the lifestyle it describes:one year in the life of a famous landscape painter. The reader isimmediately drawn into the drama of this artist's life, and is seducedby the luxury of the reproductions of his paintings completed onlocation in Mallorca, Venice, Paris, Georgia, and New York City.Theessence of each location is brought to life by inclusion of pertinenthistorical detail and references to other artists and writers (Graves,Byron, Sand, Chopin) who have shared Zupan's enthusiasm for thesemagical locations.

The book was printed and bound by Arti Grafiche Giorgi & Gambi inFlorence Italy.In Paris on February 25, 2000 it received theprestigious Trofeo Ideal for best production on reflective paper inEurope in 1999.The reproductions are of outstanding quality, and thegold embossed cloth bound cover matches the elegance of the Frenchfold laminated removable jacket.

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