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PDF Sophie grew up in a small town and became a nurse. Her dream was to live in a large city and work at a university hospital to sharpen her skills and be become the best nurse she could be.
She moves to Washington DC, and after getting further nursing experience begins working in the Emergency Department of a university hospital. She loves her job and sees different people from many cultures and backgrounds and all walks of life from street people to presidents and congressmen. The patients Sophie sees in the Emergency Department often have strange and interesting accidents and injuries.
Sophie gets involved in a dangerous situation and she doesn’t even know how. She becomes suspicious when she is aware that someone is watching her. As this state of affairs gets worse it also threatens her best friend. Sophie’s life is packed with emotion and fear as she tries to figure out how to solve this puzzling dilemma.
Sophie meets a man who has a mysterious job and becomes romantically drawn in to him. They fall in love but his job keeps them apart. He and another man who also loves Sophie become rivals. Both men step up to the plate to help Sophie and her friend when their lives are in danger.

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