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International Business

PDF A smart, well thought-out book. The volume is well organized and it is full of great examples and unique cases. Moreover, it offers a perspective on International Business that is not at all ethnocentric. " Roberto Ragozzino, "University"" of Illinois at Chicago"""Offering an integrated, 'reader friendly', practical, and 'real-world' approach to the analysis and conduct of doing business in a global market. International Business is an ideal classroom text book for college courses and a welcome, core addition to Business School and Academic Library Reference Collections." " THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEWA highly integrated, real-world approach to international business Written by globally renowned scholars in the field of international business, International Business, Second Edition takes a truly global perspective that goes beyond the United States, presenting the latest concepts, tools and events, and adopting integrated and problem-solving approaches in every chapter. The book highlights the role of culture, politics and legal issues in international business and illustrates how they influence institutions, structures and processes that permeate all functions of business.

New and Enhanced Features of the Second Edition Include: "Incorporates broader coverage of international business: "New sections have been added to include international entrepreneurship, careers in international business, corruption, and e-commerce."Offers an international perspective: "An assortment of case studies can be used to discuss issues among small and large international and multinational firms in countries such as Asia, Europe, and developing countries"Takes an integrative approach: "Within each chapter connections are made between various cultural, political, and legal functions and issues related to international business."Provides problem-solving strategies: "A practical step-by-step guide will help students develop problem solving skills for common international business challenges. Includes Instructor s Resources on CD: Available by contacting SAGE.

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Intended Audience: Suitable for both undergraduate and graduate courses in International Business, International Management, Global Business, Global Business Strategy, Multinational Management, and Foreign Direct Investment. This book will broaden student s understanding and develop problem-solving skills in the field of International Business.

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