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The Way of the Wizard

PDF Author Deepak Chopra uses the metaphor of Merlin raising the future King Arthur in the Crystal cave to teach the reader 20 lessons that will transform the reader's life.

Each lesson or chapter is divided into three sections. The first section tells a story where in Arthur learns his lesson from Merlin. The second section is understanding the lesson where the teaching is given further explanation. The third section is called Living the lesson which is how to apply the teaching to daily life.

The final chapter teaches the 7 steps of alchemy. They are a nutshell summary of all that Merlin taught Arthur. In this book the goal of alchemy is to transform the person from being an allegorical lead into an allegorical gold.
The steps of Alchemy as follows;

Innocence: the first stage of life. There is very little individuality. The baby lives in the essence of timelessness . This is a state of pristine reality where in we realize that everything in the universe is connected all is one. Babies also do not cling to their emotions but release them as soon as they feel them. There is no illusion of good or bad everything just is.

Birth of the Ego: this is when we develop the sense of I or me. We see ourselves as being separate from creation. We also start to identify with our temporary body something which we cast off when it is old and worn out. What is our identity but experiences transformed into memories. Individuality is an illusion.

Birth of the achiever: this marks the individuals quest for independence to go out there and experience the world. This manifests itself as an urge to aquire things and material possession. This is the ego's way of telling itself that separation is endurable. It is loveless and controlling. It is this urge to control things and to stave off death that brings about chaos and anxiety.

The giver: in this phase the emphasis shifts from taking to giving. This connects the individual with others. This also ameliorates the anxiety of trying to hold on to everything and protect it from enemies trying to take it. The break down of separateness begins.

Birth of the seeker: this is when the quest for the Grail or enlightenment truly begin. The seeker identifies with the world at large. The seeker realizes that the material world no longer offers happiness . The seeker turns towards the spiritual. Love is not just an emotion but a force that burns away the impurities of illusion. L
Real love is unconditional and not based upon our preconcievec notions and expectations.

Birth of the Seer: the full realization that the material world is an illusion. We are all spirit encased in a material vessel. The seer wants to see the face of God. Self image, how we see ourselves is seen for what it is a deception that is not real. Often times we identify ourselves by the roles we play in life. Words create a virtual box which encase us. Of course this is not who we really are. That is something more profound. Think of it what is identity. Most people have more than one personality encased in their head and they are in conflict. The seer gets beyond this. The seeker knows that to have desire is normal and natural. Desires are fulfilled naturally with out any effort. To exert too much effort only hinders the fulfillment of your desires.

Innocence: the final step . Realization that all is spirit and we are returned to innocence . There is joy bliss at this stage. The innocence is attained through knowledge. The distinctions of good and bad fade away . Every thing is.

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