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Vampire Revealed / Vampire Unleashed (King's Blood #1-2)

PDF Parts One and Two of the #1 bestselling King's Blood serial novel. Fast-paced contemporary fantasy with some science, romance, thrills, and a whole new take on vampires.

Jack King isn't your typical vampire. He has a high paying job, drives a nice car, owns a nice home and has a closet full of clothes that would make the top editor at GQ envious. He's a rarity among vampires, one who has successfully blended into the human world and enjoys the trivialities of human life. Holly, a blonde haired, green-eyed beauty is exactly the type of girl that could take Jack out of his comfort zone and have him risk his true identity. Intrigued by her radiant beauty, Jack goes all out to impress Holly, even if it means extending the night into the possibility of facing the early morning sun. King's Blood is a tell-all thriller from a vampire who enjoys Facebook, reality shows, and the newest consumer technology. It is also the beginning of Jack's harrowing tale of betrayal, horror, exploitation, and the ultimate revelation of the origins of humanity and vampires.

Jack King and his most trusted friend, Ted, are asked to venture across the Pacific for a difficult work assignment. Thrust into the seedy Hong Kong nightlife, Jack must conceal his identity while experiencing the sudden and unexpected effects of uncontrollable blood lust. Can Jack avoid his true nature and spare those around him, or will he jeopardize his work assignment and his budding relationship with Holly by unleashing his most primal state onto an unsuspecting population half way across the world?

King's Blood: A Serial Novel (Parts 1 & 2) totals just under 40,000 words, or about 190 published pages. Together, they form the opening "parts" to an on-going serial novel. Parts 3 & 4 are available now, with #5 coming in June 2014.

Expect a number of new books from P.J. Day in 2014; that is, if he can stay out of the E.R. long enough. Who says being a writer is easy?


"P.J. Day breathes fresh air into a genre oversaturated with the same plotlines and characters. This page turner is something special."
-H.T. Night, author of Vampire Love Story and Witch to Choose

"King's Blood is a fantastic story that is told from an intelligent perspective."
-Summer Lee, author of The Babylonian Queen and Angel Heart

"Hip. Relevant. Darkly funny. Day's vampires offer a unique perspective on what it means to be human. A fantastic new series."
-J.R. Rain, author of Moon Dance and Dark Horse

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