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The Story of the English - Volume II

PDF The Story of the English Volume II covers the history of England from the Hundred Years' War to the Jubilee of Queen Victoria in the late 19th century. Fully illustrated for a rich reading experience.

Contents include:

The Peasants' Revolt
Richard's Presence of Mind
A Tiny Queen
Henry's Troubles
Madcap Harry
A Glorious Reign
The Maid of Orleans
The Beginning of the War of the Roses
The Queen and the Brigand
The Triumph of the Yorks
The Princes in the Tower
Richard's Punishment
Two Pretenders
A Grasping King
The Field of the Cloth of Gold
The New Opinions
Death of Wolsey
Henry's Wives
The King and the Painter
A Boy King
The Story of Lady Jane Grey
The Death of Cranmer
A Clever Queen
Elizabeth's Lovers
Mary, Queen of Scots
Captivity of Mary Stuart
Wreck of the Spanish Armada
The Elizabethan Age
Death of Elizabeth
A Scotch King
The Gunpowder Plot
Sir Walter Raleigh
King and Parliament
Cavaliers and Roundheads
The Royal Oak
The Commonwealth
The Restoration
Plague and Fire
The Merry Monarch
James Driven Out of England
A Terrible Massacre
William's Wars
The Duke of Marlborough
The Taking of Gibraltar
The South Sea Bubble
Bonny Prince Charlie
The Black Hole of Calcutta
Loss of the Thirteen Colonies
The Battle of the Nile
Nelson's Last Signal
The Battle of Waterloo
The First Gentleman in Europe
The Childhood of Queen Victoria
The Queen's Marriage
Some Wars in Victoria's Reign
The Jubilee

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