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Love's Awakening Anthology

PDF 3 Heartbreaks

3 Heroines

3 Heart-wrenching stories about finding love once again...

Book One

Crossing the Line (Part One) by Samantha Long

Victoria doesn't have time for love after a bitter divorce. She's too busy. Her twin daughters are approaching puberty and her interior design business is expanding. So when Nick enters her life, she has to remember why she's too busy for a little lust. Which is difficult considering he's the contractor hired to redo her office. Besides, his tattoos and MMA past make him a poor candidate for a woman who's trying to level out her life.

Nick thinks Victoria's hot but doesn't want to get involved with a woman who has kids, much less one that's been hurt by a man. Too much baggage. He's sworn off relationships, tending to stick with one-night stands. Victoria is a client, one he doesn't want to cross the line with, but the more he's near her, the quicker his resolve weakens.

Book Two

Alyssa's Redemption (Part One) by Karly Morgan

As Alyssa and Cameron explore their relationship, Eric's interference causes them repeated problems. Alyssa wants nothing more to do with Eric even though feelings from the past keep nagging at her and the fact that Eric won't give up, makes it even harder for her to move on.

Feeling as if she's the reason for the huge rift between brothers Cameron and Eric, will Alyssa choose to walk away or fight for love? If she stays, who will she choose, Cameron or Eric?

Book Three

My Despicable Ex (Part One) by Sierra Rose

She thinks he’s despicable. He wants her back…with a vengeance.


Ashly Roberts and Jake Connors are barely twenty when they decide to take the proverbial plunge and walk down the aisle to exchange vows in front of the dearly beloved. Basking in bridal bliss, Ashly feels she is living the perfect fairytale, until she’s faced with a runaway groom, dumped at the altar by bad-boy fiancé, Jake Connors.

Five years later, Jake steps back into her life…

He realizes that being a no-show for their nuptials was the worst mistake of his life. A little older and more mature, he is ready to fight for Ashly’s love once again. When Ashly sees him, she can’t deny the attraction she feels, but her hormones are overruled by the horror of what he did to her in the past. Nevertheless, Jake’s most potent weapon, those dazzling baby blues, ignites a spark in Ashly, no matter how angry she wants to be. She cannot deny the spark, and she only hopes the inferno it ignites will not consume her heart again.

***Warning! This anthology is intended for ages 18+***

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