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Teach Yourself Visually MacBook Air (Teach Yourself VISUALLY

PDF Get the most out of the latest MacBook Air with this easy-to-read visual guide

Who doesn't love the MacBook Air? It's light as a feather, yet delivers heavyweight functionality. If you want clear, practical, visual instructions on how to use your new MacBook Air, this is the book for you. Using tons of illustrations and step-by-step explanations, "Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Air" gets you up and running by clearly showing you how to do everything. From the basics to everything the new OS X operating system brings to the table, this book guides you through.Walks you through all the new features and functions of the new MacBook AirShows you how to work with the new OS X Mavericks operating system, iCloud, FaceTime, and moreCovers basics, such as powering up and shutting down to running Windows applications and downloading apps from the Mac StoreFeatures full-color screen shots to reinforce your visual learning of processes

Find all the cool and practical ways to use your MacBook Air with "Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Air."

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