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LinkedIn or LinkedOut? 107 Ways to Grow Your Business using LinkedIn

PDF 107 Great Tips to Help Your Business Grow on Linked
Written for busy people, these 107 easy to implement LinkedIn tips help business owners, SME's and sales teams to convert contacts into contracts.

Simple, Easy to Read & Practical
If you use LinkedIn for Business, but currently do not see any results from your efforts then this book is about to transform your visibility, credibility and profitability from this amazing online business networking tool.This is a simple and practical book packed full of resources to help you to grow your business using LinkedIn.

Designed as a checklist to work through, you will learn the following:

- How to create a LinkedIn profile that oozes credibility
- How to get to the top of LinkedIn search results
- How to position yourself as an expert in your field
- How to create a Company Page for your business
- How to increase your connections to 500+
- How to increase your LinkedIn Recommendations
- How to win more clients on LinkedIn
- How to combine your LinkedIn networking with your offline networking
- How to work your LinkedIn Groups
- How to combine LinkedIn with Twitter and Facebook marketing
- How to appear in Search Results and get your Profile viewed more often

All of these LinkedIn tips and strategies are designed to make you more successful on LinkedIn, guaranteed!

About the Authors
Sam Rathling and Derek Reilly are experts in LinkedIn, both are Trainers of LinkedIn and speak on the subject internationally.We must point out that we are independent LinkedIn experts, we are not employed by or affiliated with LinkedIn, although we are HUGE fans of this incredible business networking platform.We use it as Entrepreneurs, for business development, as massive networkers online and offline and also as a recruitment tool.We simply love LinkedIn and wanted to share our knowledge with you our reader to help you become as successful as we have been in turning LinkedIn into one of the best sources of contacts, ideas, research and most importantly, new clients.

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