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Seductive Embrace 'Rage Of Passion'

PDF 'Rage Of Passion' is the first book of the 'ACCIDENTAL ROMANCE SERIES' by the exciting author Katelyn Skye.

Eva Borgia was a woman in her sexual prime. She had the looks and confidence to gain the attentions of any man she desired.
Meeting a potential investor for the partnership PR firm she ran with her best pal Cheryl, brought Eva in contact with the enigmatic Malcolm West. He had all the things that many of her past lovers had lacked. Here was a man who ticked all the boxes and she could not hide her incredible attraction for him.
Eva and her partner Cheryl were content to wait a few more days for Malcolm to make his decision whether to invest or not. But in the mean time, Eva meets the gorgeous Malcolm West once again at a social event and she knows she will be unable to be so patient when it came to getting into his bed. Her bold seduction would prove to be her undoing as things take a turn she did not foresee…

This series is contemporary, erotic romance featuring a billionaire, alpha male bachelor. This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of erotic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.


A cheeky little preview:

The thrill. The irresistibleness. The fire. Malcolm West showed no hesitation leading her silently and quickly out the exit. For all Eva knew, her date Vince was probably returning with the glasses of champagne she’d requested, wondering where she’d gone. Certainly, Malcolm’s delectable date would be shocked by Malcolm’s uncharacteristic disappearance. Many people saw them leave together but Eva was oblivious to all things but the excitement of knowing that Malcolm had seen it fit to step-up to her challenge. Her heart surged with delight and more than a little bit of trepidation. The fiery gleam in his eye was as primal as a man’s banked passions could be.

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