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Carousel of Hearts

PDF This is a nice, light read. The basic idea is a tried and true plot line but the execution is rather different. The middle of the book is a bit dark. The pacing is a bit slow. There's a lot of descriptive details about steam engines and astronomy which are very boring. The ending is a bit rushed. There's some sensual romance (kissing, touching, feelings) but nothing super graphic and no love scenes. Actually, there's about the same amount or just slightly more sensuality than in her teen novels. I liked the characters a lot. Judith and Tony resemble the Dashwood sisters. I felt sympathy for Judith but she was also a bit of a doormat and too noble. She's supposed to be intelligent and a bluestocking but she's overshadowed by Tony and most of her development occurs in passing. I would have liked more character development for her. The passionate, fiery Tony was more to my liking. The young men are decent heroes. I liked Simon better because he's scholarly. Adam is obviously bright and a good businessman, but if he were as good a judge of character as everyone claims he was, he wouldn't have had half the romantic problems. He's a bit of a mystery only revealing his true self at the end. His back story would have been more interesting if it had been played out rather than dropped in on the end. I liked this story for it's originality. It's predictable but a good read for fans of traditional style Regencies.

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