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The complete works of Kalidasa

PDF Kalidasa s status as the major poet and dramatist in classical Sanskrit literature is unquestioned..Kalidasa s knowledge of the human heart and his understanding of the complex playThe first volume,of the three volumes contemplated,opens a window into the rich world of the imanigation of a writer of whom it was once said that no second to him has been found.The second volume,contains his plays.Kalidasa s knowledge of the human heart and his understanding of the complex play of human motivation are profound.A keen observer of nature in all it s varied aspects-he is at the same time a learned writer who wears his enormous learning lightly and with grace.A mystic awareness of the transcendental combines in his works with a sensuous feeling for beauty in woman and nature,reflecting as it does the blend of the erotic and spiritual that characterizes Siva mythology.In all of his works he celebrates the values of the great civilization that he was heir to,but not without qusetinoning as is made amply clear in the introduction..Chandra Rajan nee Sarma,the translator has a distinguished academic record taking degrees taking degrees in English and Sanskrit literature,.She has taught English in prestigious Universities in India and abroad.

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