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Lies You Learned At School

PDF Books like this are always fun to read, because they're easy and they teach you various things.

Michael Powell is a pretty good writer. He writes with a varied word choice, and is descriptive while still accessible enough for most readers. His sentences also have a humorous tone so you rarely feel like you're simply reading an encyclopedia: "Depending on how long ago you went to school, or the quality of your schooling, you may still subscribe to the misconception that camels store water in their humps. They don't; their humps are actually reservoirs of fatty tissue."

For the most part, the book presents what it promises: a bunch of lies, and then these myths debunked. It would be a solid 4-stars, if not for two things. One: no sources, no references. Here is this guy claiming to write a debunking of all these widely-held falsities, and no other resources? I generally felt confident in the writings, but still I was sometimes inclined to verify whether or not something was truly a lie. Two: several of the falsities are not so much things you were taught in school as simple misconceptions.

An interesting, easy read. Recommended for those into trivia/history/myth debunking. Some sources really would've been nice, though.

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