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Big Business Billy

PDF Only children's advocate, pediatrician, and orphanage director Janusz Korczak could have come up with a children's book in which the hero is a child who is learning the ways of a man of business.Billy does everything an entrepreneur should do.Moreover, Billy is determined to run his business with the highest standard of ethics.As in Korczak's other masterful pieces of children's literature, most notably "King Matt the First," our hero ends up in ever deeper trouble, mainly because he cannot fit in the adult world.In other words, the world of the adult is not a friendly place for children; in fact, it can be downright hostile.The book's unexpected ending might seem sad, but there is hope; it is only a matter of where and how to find it.

Alas, this book has never been reprinted and is quite rare.However, anyone interested in Janusz Korczak should be aware of this important title, the first of his many works to have been translated into English.

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