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Damaged But Not Broken (New Adult Rockers, #1)

PDF New Adult Rock N' Roll Romance - Full Novel Length - No Cliff Hanger - Warning: Intense Sexual Content

When your soul is ripped from your body is it ever possible to find hope, happiness, or love again?

Paige is betrayed by the most important man in her life, the one who is supposed to be there, the one who is supposed to protect her - her father.

One night her dad passes out drunk and leaves Paige alone with his intoxicated redneck friends. She's only 15 but she looks like a woman, and for the group of sociopathic rapists that's good enough. The disgusting men hold her down, and one by one they destroy her innocence that night.

Paige is forced to flee from her father and vows never to return, never to forgive him for allowing that night to happen. She leaves behind everything, her friends, her hope, her happiness, her life in Nashville, forever.

She leaves behind Blake, her first love...her true love. The wounds of that heartbreak never fully heal, she never forgets about the only guy she ever really trusted. Thirteen years later Paige returns to her father's promise of sobriety, a record deal, and a blossoming career in country music.

Everything changes when she sees Blake again, playing with his new band in a local Nashville club, the intense feelings she had buried deep inside rise up and refuse to go away. It's as if they never broke apart.

Blake is no longer the 15 year old boy she once knew. Now he's a tall muscular front-man of the band Rust who seethes sex appeal and slays hearts. But as they reconnect, Blake's hardened shell begins to fall away as he teaches Paige to love again, to trust, and to give herself away completely.

Paige finds a glimmer of hope and happiness again with Blake but is it all too good to be true? Can Paige overcome the hate, anger, resentment and learn to forgive - or will her father betray her?

Her heart has been damaged but it's not broken...can she learn to love again?

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