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Confessions of a Ghoul and Other Stories

PDF (Edutor's note:The novella Confessions of a Ghoul: Apologia Pro Mea Vita was written 29 years ago and when the book came out some glaringerrors were not corrected properly)
"I am recording: Tim Meadows here doing his thesis: The matrix of grave markers are neatly trimmed in the evanescent moonlight. Helixes of crickets surround the paddock of mist. Silent screams bob up from cavernous graves of the recent dead. The banks of mausoleums stand on the north end flanking a thatch of dark woods. That is where the man lies who is forever alone. For a change he is sleeping both day and night. Then perhaps he will trap himself in the brick walls for two days in a row, mouthing Gregorian chant. Yes, he is a religious man. He scribbles astral charts and makes little Christian fishes like the symbol from 1000 A.D. It is almost the millennium again. Does that mark suffice again? Or will it be replaced by something else, something more arcane to fit these strange times?

A collection of six short stories and one novella.

"Eternal Questions Posed at the International House of Pancakes"
"And Now, the Wizard of Gore, May I Present the President"
"The Great Find of the Nontraditional Computer Cowboys"
"Rags to Riches to Hell"
"The Unwelcome Guest"
"Letters from Skitzo"
"Confessions of a Ghoul"

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