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Sirens and Spies

PDF In The Dancing Cats of Applesap, everyone in the sleepy little town of Applesap has deserted Jiggs' Drugstore for the new Super Queen — everyone except shy Melba Morris, who likes crotchety Miss Toomie's hot fudge sundaes and doesn't mind the hundred rescued cats who live at Jiggs'. But now Jiggs' is going out of business — unless Melba, and the cats, can come up with a plan to save the day.In Sirens and Spies, fifteen-year-old Mary Potter can't understand why her younger sister, Elsie, refuses to visit their beloved violin teacher in the hospital, where she's recovering from an attack in her home. It turns out Elsie may have stumbled upon a dark secret from Miss Fitch's past — could the eccentric teacher have been a Nazi collaborator during World War II?

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