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Tales from the Bear Cult

PDF Hand-picked by a dozen magazine editors from Bear, Classic Bear, American Bear, American Grizzly, Drummer, Men, Indulge, Hippie Dick, and Target magazines, these 17 short stories light up the world of Bears and Cubs emerging as a species within the diverse gay world.Masculine adventure stories meet men's love stories.

Comedy mixes light erotica with some serious themes. Young Bear Culture counters the Gay Over-Culture where Bears' potential is often circumscribed by their sexuality of the homomasculine kind, because Bears famously explode stereotypes of gay beauty into new archetypes. These stories show Bears are a fresh new movement in the queer world. Post-plague and post-political-correction, the thousands of men in the Bear Movement demonstrate it's okay for gay men to be masculine again, celebrating all the primary joys and secondary sex characteristics of beards, hairy bodies, and belly-up-to-the-bar-boys sex.

The 18 pages of new G-rated photographs by Palm Drive Video reference photographer Chris Nelson's best-selling coffee-table photo book, The Bear Cult with its introduction by famed British cultural critic, Edward Lucie-Smith.

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