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The Power of Wow! Customer Service

PDF The degree of a company's success can usually be attributed to its level of Customer Service. Most people in most companies already know 'What' to do, but still their Customer Service is found wanting. The Power of WOW Customer Service is a book that provides not only the 'What' of Customer Service, but also the 'How' and 'Why'. The Power of WOW Customer Service shows you that keeping customers satisfied is only part of running a successful business. In order to thrive in today's economy of tight margins and sophisticated shoppers, you must move past customer satisfaction, to customer loyalty, and beyond. Laced with humor, common sense, and duplicatable examples from today's leading companies, respected Customer Service expert Ron Morris lays the foundation for an unbeatable strategy. Using statistically supported anecdotes, Ron shows you how doing what is best for your internal customers will have a positive impact on your external customers, and will dramatically improve your bottom line. Following the winning Customer Service Formula of S + T x EX = Power of WOW Will help to set unbeatable standards, energize teams, increase retention, improve morale, and above all, make your customers want to deal with you and only you.

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