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From the Old Waterford House

PDF This is the first paperback edition of Arthur Power's autobiography, first published in 1940. A young man from a wealthy and eminent Waterford family follows in his father's footsteps and joins the British Army shortly before the beginning of World War I. During the war he witnessed the horrors of the Western Front and becomes a victim of a German gas attack. Seriously ill, he is sent home to recuperate, and spends some time at his uncle's house, 'Bellevue', on the banks of the Suir. He returns to his mother's house in Dublin and witnesses the 1916 Rising. Sickened by war he turns to art, and when peace comes he goes to Paris determined to become an artist. There he meets many well-known artists, including Modigliani, Maillol and Pascin, and writers Hemingway and Beckett, and becomes a friend of James Joyce. He is wrenched from this milieu by the death of his aunt and his inheritance of the estate at Bellevue, to which he returns.

Includes an 'Introduction' by James F. Walsh (Jim Walsh), the 'Foreword (to the 1940 edition)' by Paul Henry, the 'Foreword: To the 2003 edition' by Roderick Power, and 'Acknowledgements' by the editor, T. N. Fewer. Cover graphics by Pierre Fewer.

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