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Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves

PDF Do wizards were funny hats? Do dragons have bad breath? Do dwarves have long, silly names without any vowels? Elf-indulgent collections of tales that skew the knight life, mock the magic, and hoot at hellspawn. By Boucher, Effinger, Ellison, Friesner,Resnick, Sheckley, Silverberg, Zelazny, and more.

Stories in the collection:

As Is by Robert Silverberg
The Same to You Doubled by Robert Sheckley
The Egg of the Glak by Harvey Jacobs
Beibermann's Soul by Mike Resnick
Thimgs by Theordore R. Cogswell
Ms. Lipshutz and the Goblin by Marvin Kaye
Unferno by George Alec Effinger
Unicorn Variations by Roger Zelazny
Yes Sir That's My by Daniel P. Dern
Please Stand By by Ron Goulart
Bottle Party by John Collier
My Mother Was a Witch by William Tenn
Djinn, NO Chaser by Harlan Ellison
Up the Wall by Esther M. Friesner
Trouble With Water by Horace L. Gold
Savage Breasts by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Or the Grasses Grow by Avram Davidson
Snulbug by Anthony Boucher

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