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Pi-Shu (Orchard Picturebooks)

PDF A heartwarming story about a small panda whose home is threatened by the encroachment of humans.

On the slopes of Misty Mountain, a mother panda cuddles her baby.His name is Pi-shu, and when he was born he was no bigger than one of the patches around his mother's eyes. Pi-shu the little panda loves to explore the slopes of the mountain where he lives with his mother Fei-Fei.One day when Pi-shu ventures farther down the mountainside, he encounters people for the first time.They are clearing more and more trees from the forest.It is no longer safe to stay, so Pi-shu and Fei-Fei set out on an arduous journey across the mountains in search of a new home.John Butler's compelling words and his exquisite, lifelike paintings help young readers understand the joy and tenderness of giant panda families.A Panda Facts page at the end of the book invites readers to learn more about this endangered species.

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