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The Seventh Tower (The Seventh Tower omnibus, #4-6)

PDF This is one of the best books I have ever read. The story is unique in it's own way, always making you wonder what will happen next, with the often cliff hangers at every single chapter. Not one scene in this book has nothing to do with the plot.
The characters are well-rounded. They develop over time, becomming stronger both physically and emotionally. Tal and Milla both end up from simple children to young adults in a matter of a few monthes. Instead of them hating each other, they end up growing a strong bond as friends.
The style of writing using words that a lot of kids would know and understand. Nothing complicated that would make you go grab a dictionary over and over again.
Finally, for the theme of this book, the theme is based on change and courage. No matter how weak you may be, or what may stand before, you always can take on what is before you. If your a small kid, you'll end up being a strong tall kid. If that makes any sense.

Tal ends up becomming the Emperor, and Milla becomes the War-Chief of her people. Tal's mom ends up surviving, my only complaint is that we never see his father in this book, which is a little disappointing. But overall, reading the battle between Sushin and Sharrakor makes this book all worth while. I reccomend it to many others.

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