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Griffin's Law

PDF Seriously - what's gonna go down when "Grey's Anatomy" meets "The Paper Chase" somewhere over the top? Grey Griffin is a law school professor. He's also a player with as many secrets as ladies' phone numbers in his Blackberry. He'll only make two promises to a woman - abundant pleasure and that she'll never be the only one he shares it with. Grey's also not a big believer in rules, except one - he'll never get involved with a student. It's become known as Griffin's Law. And as sure as God made little green toad frogs, each year there's a fresh group of lovely contenders aiming to make him break his rule. But it'll never happen. First year law student Shea Ramsey is a little older than her classmates. She's making a new start in life by changing careers. She's just broken up with a family-approved louse but she's not making a new start in love. She's sworn off men and sex, despite the gorgeous guy she met at orientation. But Mr. McDreamy got way too fresh. He deserved every second of misery she delivered via her knee connecting with his groin! How was she to know she'd see him again - the next day - behind the podium at her first law school class? Griffin's Law doesn't bother Shea, because she won't get involved with anyone, least of all one of her professors. Since Grey won't touch a student there shouldn't be a problem despite the pesky chemistry born of a night when neither of them knew the other was a "never." So, what happens when never comes?

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