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Targeted Public Relations

PDF Public relations can do more than boost your image and generate press clippings. The Targeted Public Relations methods introduced in this book can produce qualified leads, sales, and new business for your company as well. Bob Bly's new strategy stays away from the "shotgun" approach conventional public relations takes in targeting mass media, and instead spawns coverage and visibility as well as immediate, tangible, and measurable responses. Here you will learn the most effective techniques for maximizing PR results, including the secrets of RSI and ESI (Reader Self-Interest and Editor Self-Interest); the seven key story ideas that get editors to use your material. . . and how to incorporate them into your press releases; how to turn ordinary articles into full-page direct-response ads for your firm; how to write press releases that generate hundreds of leads; how to get editors to give their readers your name, address, and phone number every time they feature you; how to generate new business using a promotional or company newsletter; and how to create special PR offers that get readers to respond to stories in the press written by or about your firm. Targeted Public Relations presents a new Concept in publicity that will increase effectiveness and reduce cost, and which will work in any economy.

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