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Before We Were Thirty

PDF This magical tale of love and friendship centres around the tiny, but exclusive, village of Combe which is situated six miles from Bath and largely inhabited by ageing millionaires who enjoy hunting, shooting, fishing, bitching about each other and playing bridge. In other words the village is not so much a sleepy backwater (as the estate agent calls it) but is actually in a coma. In this village live four frustrated young women - RACHEL (whose marriage is in crisis as she tries to cope with motherhood and country life after leaving her glamorous London PR job), HARRIET (bright, bitchy, aristocratic supermodel who once ruled the catwalk in the early nineties but now has no outlet for her talents), BIANCA (pretty, sunshiney, blonde ex-glamour model who married an eighties pop legend, and isn't as dumb as people assume she is) and elusive Summer (single mother, with a hippy wardrobe who keeps herself to herself, has no money and a big secret). When a sexy, enigmatic young millionaire, Jack, arrives in Combe and throws a massive party for all the villagers, everything starts to change. Rumours abound - Where did he come from? What does he do? How did he make his money? Drugs? Human trafficking? Prostitution? The villagers are intrigued, and the four young women are particularly drawn to him, and to each other, despite their differences. And he, in turn, transforms their lives...

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