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He Won't Commit

PDF You Pay to Play Larnell Torrington - is a major playa that has left behind a trail of shattered emotions and broken hearts. How many more hearts will bleed before he meets the woman that refuses to go out like a sucker? Nilo Harvey, Larnell's friend swears that he will turn in his "playa card" if only he can find the right woman. Will he maintain the attitude that four women are better than one when he finally meets a woman of quality? Keith Graye is one of Northern Virginia's finest attorneys and is always getting played. Will he take the advice of his friends and become a playa in order to earn his R-E-S-P-E-iT or continue sitting on the bench as a second string? This tale of friendship and betrayal takes a dramatic, suspenseful turn as three men realize that living the life of a playa has dangerous consequences. Playing can be more of a gamble than falling in love Playdar: Playa Radar - being able to detect a playa.

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