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Ideas That Matter

PDF Written with a style, eloquence and thought that makes even the most complex ideas accessible, this is another masterful collection of writings from one of my very favourite writers. This isn't simply an encyclopaedia, but AC Grayling's personal introduction to some of the richness of human thought and invention from Absolutism to Zeitgeist and most of everything in between.

The essay on Vegetarianism sticks out like a sore thumb because unlike most of Grayling's other writings, which whilst not always neutral (see any of the sections regarding religion) are always well argued, there is an entire paragraph dedicated to how disgusting meat is to eat that appeals too much to emotion for my liking - but that's just one paragraph among hundreds of fantastic ones.

For anyone interested in the world around them, this is a must read (as is anything else AC Grayling has written, I can't stress that enough!).

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