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Silent Screams

PDF It is hard to imagine that this author has turned out plausible, albeit gentle, cozy mysteries as Carole Bugge. I expected that this book would also be gentle and lead me softly into the night. Not so! There is a violent and religiously preoccupied serial killer in NYC. A forensic profiler, Lee Campbell is called in to help find him before anyone else dies. As the story unfolds, we learn that the profiler is undergoing therapy after having a breakdown...caused by his sister disappearing, his Dad walking out on the family, etc. His personal flaws do not detract from the story. They make him seem more real than TV versions of a profiler by far. The detectives are led by Lee's college room mate and friend, Chuck Morton. Detective Butts comes across as a hard case but the reader finds out that he is a family man and a hard worker. The author describes things well and leaves little to conjecture. I was hooked and could not stop reading until the masterful final plot twist.

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