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Riding the Wave (Boys of Summer, #1)

PDF Teksuen Montreal is a love-them-and-leave-them type of guy. To escape is mother’s constant bickering about him settling down and starting a family, Teksuen escapes to his summer retreat in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for some fun in the sun. One morning while standing on his fourth-floor balcony, Teksuen sees a woman that he wishes to pursue. Why not? He’s on vacation. The waves are high. The beach is warm and inviting. So why not have a little fun in the sun. Little does Teksuen know… the fun he’s about to have is with none other than a woman he’s had a one-night stand with long ago. Will he stay or will he leave once he finds out the woman true identity?

Dr. Josinia Brown is tired and in desperate need of a break. The death of her father, the raising of her two half siblings, and the opening of her Sports and Rehabilitation practice has left her drained. Not to mention a three-year long battle with her step-mother over her dead father’s will. Josinia’s at a point of no return when her best-friend suggest she come with them to Myrtle Beach for some rest, relaxation, and maybe even a man or two. Well, one out of the three isn’t bad. Especially when it comes in the form of the sexiest Asian man that’s graced her presence…six-feet plus of lean, ripped muscles. Too bad he doesn’t remember the night that changed her life forever. Josinia decides to hold on to her secret; riding the wave to see where it takes her.

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