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Collar and Strings

PDF **This was originally titled In the Rain. Only the title and cover have changed.**

Second chances were never meant to be ignored.

After six years of being someone else's bitch, a simple, no strings attached relationship is just what Moyra needs.

But when she's kicked to the curb to keep one stranger's cheating a secret, she's taken in by another.

Only this one's no stranger at all. High school crush Thayre is the last thing Moyra needs. They have a history, which means expectations and more than enough strings to last a lifetime. Unfortunately for her, this isn't the first time their paths have crossed in one night, and by the look of things, Thayre isn't going away anytime soon.

Could one town be too small for the both of them, or will Moyra's days of crushing on Thayre be enough to ignite old flames?

NOTE: this title contains explicit sex as well as scenes involving bondage and all things BDSM.

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