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The Devil's Asteroid

PDF At first sight it could have been the Garden of Eden (in miniature) as the asteroid was covered with lush vegetation and seemed to be perfectly suited for human inhabitation. When the extremely tall Fitzhugh Parr arrived on the asteroid, the settlement’s leader declared himself the minion of the newcomer. This strange behavior was due to a mysterious regressive state that affected all of the human population. In a relative short time the prisoners changed from productive, intelligent and social beings to increasingly less beings and ending in a wormlike or maybe even vegetative state. Fitzhugh wasn’t prepared to accept this state of affairs without a struggle. This story tells of this great effort. I would have to strand this book at two stars as it failed to inspire me and I found myself struggling to finish the book. With so many really great books to read, this one can only be deemed as a waste of time.

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