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The Last Vampire Bride (Vampire Flesh, #1)

PDF Book One of the Vampire Flesh Trilogy:
Author Warning :- This book contains explicit descriptions of adult content

Maia grew up believing that the town of Stetl had a terrible legacy. Count Meinster insisted that in exchange for the protection of their lands the citizens of Stetl must pay a price.... A Bride Price.

Every one hundred years he would select a young maiden to be his bride and take them to his castle and she would never be seen again.

Maia desparately wants to stop the bride tribute in exchange for something else...

She discovers that Count Meinster desparately needs an heir and is not the person she first thought of. Maia is rescued by the Count from a near death encounter by some other noble vampires in the woods surrounding Stetl.

She volunteers as a bride at the next tribute.

Will she be made to love him and save her family and the town of Stetl?

* Authors Note * - this book contains explicit descriptions of sex.

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