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Behind Closed Doors

PDF I loved this book but at times it seem to drag on about nothing to me. Not very often just a chapter or two in between. I feel so sorry that parents have children they just do not seem to want. I can not understand as a mom how any person or woman for thatmatter could just ignor someone abusing their child. With all that wen to n in this house I do not know how these children even survived. Going hungry, beaten, sexually abused and for no one to seem to care but one aunt. That seems very odd to me. Maybe it was the times, or just the place they lived but you think someone a neighbor would have done some thing.

In the book in the picture section there is a picture of one of the kids baby son sitting with his grandparents the ones that abused the kids in this book. Why is this....Why would you take your child if you were abused so severly to see the people who had abused you?? I never understood how people do that. What is all forgiven when you are grown up? I really want to know.

I like Jenny's writing style so I will read more books by her. This is one author I would love to sit down and ask a few questions. I am glad that these girls can move past what they had been put through and do better by their own children... I do think this is a must read!!

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