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Alfred Hitchcock Presents My Favourites In Suspense

PDF It probably should come as no surprise that Mr. Hitchcock has fine taste in literature. There really is something for everybody in this collection: the story that became a famous film; the ghost story; a bit of sci fi; the seemingly everyday instance in Anytown, USA that could go horribly wrong; and a whole lot of murder. I suppose it also should come as no surprise that Hitchcock chose stories that deal with several types of fear that arise from several sources, and are related by different kinds of people.

My favorites in this volume were: Donald Honig's "Man With a Problem"; Anthony Boucher's "They Bite" (which will haunt my nightmares forever); Jack Finney's "Of Missing Persons"; Hilda Lawrence's "Composition for Four Hands"; and Elisabeth Sanxay Holding's "The Blank Wall". That last one really stole the show for me, not because it was especially suspenseful or terrifying, but because I thought it was so carefully crafted and very strongly presented how this story ONLY could have happened this way to a woman during WWII. The unique circumstances of the War-time wife's situation, lifestyle, and habits were intrinsic to the story, so it became a neat presentation not only of suspense, but also slice-of-life and feminist lit.

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