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Justice Incarnate (Shadows of Justice, #1)

PDF from conception to execution, this book was very well done. i even like the premise that in the foreseeable future, things like sugar and coffee might be legally banned. in this day and age of government overregulation based on the notion of 'protecting the public', it's easy to picture our legislators going that far overboard. primarily, this was a well written book. characterization, plot, pacing, sufficient action and tension mixed with a blossoming love story....all of that was well played by an adept and talented new author. ms. black even employs a bit of the minimalist style that i often use in my own writing. she doesn't lean on it as heavily as i, but the delicate touch of that writing style can enhance a story if done properly. by not giving away too much detail and describing everything to a tee, the reader is subtly induced to envision some of the people and places on their own...and since people are prone to put familiar faces on people and places they are reading about, the reader can't help being drawn into the story on a more personal level.
the supernatural elements of the story are handled well, and are not overbearing. they do not monopolize the script, they move it along....making the story feel more plausible instead of trite and phoney. and i can't think of any errors other than the occasional paragraph structure and forgetting to identify the speakers during conversations which are common problems in indie novels......but black had fewer of those kinds of problems than most. this really is a very well written action/police drama/supernatural/social commentary/love story that i am happy to give a 5-star rating. i can recommend giving justice a try!

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