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Ghost Of The BX

PDF Ready to read a book that is going to grab you right from the intro with money, shadiness, and all out betrayal?...Ghosts of the BX is definitely one for you! From the psycho leader, Blast, of the DDB Crew that is haunted by the torture and teasing he received as a child, to his gold digging non-loyal sister that he uses in his ploy to bring down his two arch enemies that he is not even a factor to, there is non-stop action guaranteed. Blasts' Enemies Lace is the small time hustler that doesn't desire to be a drug lord but is simply happy to get his daughter and baby moms out of Webster Projects. He is most certainly charismatic enough to make it happen with his 2 big cousins as NY's most notorious coke dealers, but he refuses to take the bait and plans to just keep building his stash and not draw attention to himself. Henny was once the King of the Bronx but decided it was time to take his money and bounce with his best friend Lace, and long time love Sincerely. But when they love their hood a little too much and decide to stay, he rolls upstate without them and still unknowingly controls any and everything moving through the Bronx. He has to go because there are things in his past on his rise that no one knows about and he can't stand to stay in the projects, especially since he doesn't need to anymore. Take the most craziest revenge driven teased boy who turned himself into a well known robber and killer and add the perfect masterplan for get back and you get the perfect tale for men AND women of how love means nothing amongst men when you've been lied to and never taught anything about loyalty!!!

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