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Leading Lady

PDF It is really hard to beat the old fashioned thriller involving the mafia, troubled thieves, their lovers and the secret service. When an author is able to bring all of these diverse and nefarious characters into one amazing story, I find it hard to put the book down. I've recently had the privilege to read just such a mystery. The most recent book by seasoned author Heywood Gould, writer of 12 books and 9 screenplays including Fort Apache, The Bronx, Boys From Brazil, Rolling Thunder and Cocktail. This was a thriller times ten. The story involves the life of Jerry Lang, a regular guy that has turned to grifting (high class thievery). Working with his "leading lady" Gloria, they are one job away from retirement. With an eye on making a nice sum by stealing a "Self Portrait" by Russian master painter Isaac Levitan, Jerry and Gloria find themselves in the center of a set up. What kind of set up is part of the mystery and thrill of the story.
——Peter N. Jones, Great New Books That Are A Must Read

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