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The One to One Future

PDF That Was Then. This Is Now.
When we wrote "The One to One Future "in 1993, the Internet was still primarily a tool for college professors, and the Worldwide Web was just an interesting graphical user interface from some computer lab in Europe. Mass customization was still considered by some a contradiction in terms.
Since its publication, readers have turned to "The One to One Future "for insight into using the Internet to better communicate with their customers. More and more companies have realized that interacting with customers is no longer an option, but a competitive necessity. And now they have questions, How should an interactive company treat its customers? What objectives should a business set for the interactions that take place at its site? How can it measure success? Should different customers be treated differently? Is it sometimes necessary to reward customers for participating in Internet dialogue?
Parallel with development of the Worldwide Web and interactivity, we've seen a surge of mass customization technologies, from bicycles to blue jeans. And while customization might be a difficult and unusual capability for most firms, it is a total question mark for others. How do we customize this commodity product? Will a mass-customized pair of slacks ever cost less than a standardized pair?
The answers to these questions and many more are within the pages of "The One to One Future. "They are simple, but not obvious.
If anything, this book is even more useful today than it was three years ago. It is more in demand by marketing professionals. It is more popular than ever before in countries like Japan, Portugal, Spain, Germany, China, Korea, and Israel. It's not only more interesting to today's businesses, but more relevant.
And now it's more affordable.
User's Guide
"The One to One Future: Building Relationships One Customer at a Time"
Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.
"The One to One Future "addresses a way of doing business that wasn't feasible just ten years ago—although it is a direct reflection of business as it was practiced "a hundred and ten "years ago! Technology has brought us back to a very old-fashioned way of doing business by making it possible to remember relationships with individual customers sometimes millions of them—one at a time, just as shop owners and craftspeople did with their few hundred customers 150 years ago.
We've developed the User's Guide to help you begin thinking in the 1:1 mindset and applying the principles and examples in "Future "to your own business. Before we begin asking the kinds of questions that we ask our clients, we will summarize some of the basic principles of 1:1 marketing.
"The One to One Future: Lessons and Study Notes"
* We are facing a paradigm shift of epic proportions—from the industrial era to the Information Age. As a result, we are witnessing a meltdown of the mass marketing paradigm that has governed business competition throughout the twentieth century. The new paradigm is one to one (1:1)—mandated by cheaper and faster data management, individually addressable and interactive media, and increasing capabilities for mass customization.
*" Definition of 1:1 Marketing": The basis for 1:1 marketing is share of

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