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Jesus Himself

PDF I discovered Andrew Murray two or three years ago and have continually been challenged by his to the point and contemporary message to Christians today. The overarching theme of the works I have read has been total surrender to Christ. Two short sermons by Andrew Murray are recorded in Jesus Himself. Murray, was a Dutch Reformed minister who lived in South Africa during the 1800s until his death in 1917. His passion for spreading the Gospel and challenging Christians to walk worthy is evident in his many writings. Modern readers may find his language formal and a bit difficult to digest, but not overly so.

The surrendered heart is one that believes Christ will do exactly what He said He would - live in us and form us into His image. On this daily relationship with the Savior, Murray says, "If you throw open your heart and give up everything but just just believing and allowing Him to do what He wants, it will come."

If your relationship with Christ is stagnant or if you're merely dabbling in religion, Jesus Himself will point you to a vital, growing relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. A life of total faith, total surrender, total dependence upon God is one that that is never boring and totally worth it. Andrew Murray's life is a testimony to that and the timeless message of relationship rather than religion is exceedingly relevant for today.

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