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The HarperCollins Study Bible--Old Testament

PDF After 10 years of new archeological discoveries and changes in biblical studies, it was time for an overhaul of this classic reference work. With the guidance of the Society of Biblical Literature, an organization of the best biblical scholars world wide, we have selected Dean of Yale Divinity School, Harold Attridge, to oversee the Study Bible's updating and revision. Includes: Up-to-date introductions to the Biblical books, based on the latest critical scholarship, by leading experts in the field Concise notes, clearly explaining names, dates, places, obscure terms, and other difficulties in reading the Biblical text Careful analysis of the structure of Biblical books Abundant maps, tables, and charts to enable the reader to understand the context of the Bible, and to see the relationship among its parts. In this new revised edition every introduction, essay, map, illustration and explanatory note has been reviewed and updated, and new material added. For instance, there are newly commissioned introductory essays on the archaeology of ancient Israel and the New Testament world, the religion of ancient Israel, the social and historical context of each book of the Bible, and on Biblical interpretation. There are completely new introductions and notes for many of the books in the Bible, plus a full revision and updating of all others. NOTE: This file includes all of the essays and other materials from the beginning and end of the book as well as the complete text of the Old Testament and the Apocryphal and Deuterocanonical books.

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