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Not Past Redemption

PDF Seriala’s piloting career is in the dumps. First the mining company she worked for goes out of business, then she is hired and fired by a tradeship captain within two weeks. Unless her next job goes differently, her chances of landing a good position will be nil. In desperation she signs on with a placement agency and winds up as pilot on a crazy old woman’s private courier ship.

While the old woman may be crazy, she has a mission. Crazy Mags, as she is known in trading circles, is out to clear her name. Years ago her career was destroyed when she was falsely accused of aiding pirates. Now the ship left for dead by the pirates has been found and she is determined to clear her name and just as determined that Seriala is going to help her, willing or not.

The two women at opposite ends of their careers must work together. Their journey takes them from a seedy moonbase where one of the pirates, on his deathbed, gives up one secret. They must break in to a secure facility to get the coordinates of the ship. Then they must compete with salvage scavengers and officers investigating the ship, to get aboard and find the information that will clear Mags and help Seriala jump start her career.

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