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Sex and Candy (Fae Court , #1)

PDF Jing dreams of a yuletide filled with sex and candy…but so far the upcoming Winter Fae festivities look to be filled with humbugs…

It isn’t easy being the literal redheaded step-child of the grand Fairy King, Oberon. But frantically busy Jing, the Unseelie Court’s only male sugar plum fairy, has a chance to redeem himself in Oberon’s eyes. All he has to do is invite a sexy, frolicsome guest to the annual Winter Fae Fest—a wicked, wanton holiday celebration.

When he happens upon a handsome, red-haired fairy in the forest, Jing senses a kindred spirit in the softly spoken William. The mysterious but captivating fairy at first declines Jing’s invitation, then accepts.

At the festivities, however, Oberon recognises William as a Fire Fae and goes berserk. Fire faeries, who have a tendency to be tricksters and mischief makers, once set his pants ablaze and singed his hair and brows. Oberon sees William as being dangerous and subversive—a lunatic—and Fire Fae are not welcome.

William rushes to assure Jing he’s not bad—he never wants to hurt anyone. He’s just misunderstood…

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