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About Bill Harvey

Bill first experienced the Zone, that space whereinnovative and successful ideas and actions flow out of you effortlessly, as ayoung child. The son of legendary orchestra leader/master of ceremonies NedHarvey and former Ziegfield Follies showgirl Sandra Harvey, Bill startedperforming on stage at age four, dancing with showgirls and exchanging lineswith comedic greats like Jack E. Leonard. He liked this feeling of being “on”and wanted to learn how to be “on” more often. And so began his lifelong questto understand how to bring on higher states of consciousness and to help othersdo the same.

Along the way he anchored his dream with a degree inphilosophy, the first school subject he had ever loved. He began to materializethe dream by founding the Human Effectiveness Institute, with the goal ofsharing the techniques he had learned and developed as his own internal systemfor bringing himself to his highest level of creative effectiveness.

Bill’s ideas didn’t all come from the inside, as hewas inspired by something that Milton Berle had told him: “Always steal fromthe best, kid.” He was turned on to Alan Watts, Buddhism, Zen, and hipness byhis adopted older brother, the multitalented Bill Heyer, second trumpet inNed’s band.

Unique and ahead of its time, Bill’s first book, MindMagic: The Science of Microcosmology, met with rave reviews inthe late 70s and was lauded by thousands of readers whose lives, they say, werechanged by it. The book has been used at 34 universities including NYU, UCLAand West Point, and by numerous organizations. It is now available in its 6thedition, Mind Magic: Doorways into HigherConsciousness.

In You Are The Universe: ImagineThat, Bill has expanded the frame of reference of his lifelongstudy of consciousness to focus more on the spiritual dimension of life.

With a brilliant mind for research, innovation andinvention, Bill started his career in the media business with a dream of makingone-way media into something that the audience co-creates. With histrailblazing vision, he accurately described today’s media reality with his MediaWorld1990 report to the industry, and in his widely-read Media ScienceNewsletter. He invented many things arcane to the average person buttalismans in the media field, including some now written into FCC regulations.He holds four issued US patents and has consulted for over 100 Fortune 500companies. A leader in the field as media morphed into being more interactive,putting the viewer in charge, Bill’s peers recognized him with the Great MindAward in 2008 to celebrate his achievements. In June 2014, Bill became the first recipient of the Advertising Research Foundation’s Erwin Ephron Demystification Award.

Bill is a popular speaker, the subject of numerousarticles, and a prolific writer. He writes two weekly blogs,“Pebbles in the Pond”, now in its fourth year), (“In Terms of ROI”). He is interviewed weeklyon the digital videoseries RBDR, and is a frequent guest on WDST-FM’s WoodstockRoundtable with Doug Grunther.

Bill lives with his wife Lalita and their threecats in the beautiful Hudson Valley. He has a daughter Nicole, and with Lalitahas four grandchildren.

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